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Deep Sea Could Provide Cures For Cancer, AIDS
July 19, 2006 - NBC6 Broadcast
By Jeff Burnside

"If a cure for cancer were sitting in an unexplored part of the world, wouldn't you want to protect that place?

That's the idea behind a global effort to protect vast areas of the deep sea floor, before commercial fishing causes too much damage."

NBC6 reporter Jeff Burnside went to a depth of 1311 feet to bring a first hand report on the unknown treasures of the deep sea.

"Less than 1 percent of the deep ocean has been explored," reported Burnside.

Later this year the United Nations will vote on a bottom-trawling ban in certain areas.

Miami's Ellen Pikitch, the executive director of the Pew Institute for Ocean Science, is helping craft the proposal.

"To me, it would be such a tragedy to lose all that -- and potentially to lose it permanently -- without even having the chance to see it, to describe it, to know it," she said.

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