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UM Biologist Works to Help Reefs Survive Global Warming
February 05, 2008 - The Miami Herald
By Curtis Morgan

A UM scientist who hopes to develop a natural heat shield for sensitive corals facing rising ocean temperatures has won what was described as the 'Nobel Prize for marine conservation.'

Baker won a prestigious Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation on Tuesday for a three-year project aimed at developing ways to essentially inoculate temperature-sensitive corals against the expanding impact of global warming.

"Reefs are under siege from many threats, but climate change is among the most serious risks," said Ellen Pikitch, executive director of the Pew Institute for Ocean Science, which awarded $150,000 fellowships to Baker and recipients in China, France, Australia and Canada. "Dr. Baker's work gives us hope that the oldest and largest corals might be saved."

Click to read the full article at The Miami Herald

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