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The mission of the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science is to advance ocean conservation through science. More..

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Media Coverage


Time Magazine Ranks Virgin Birth in Shark a Top News Story of 2008
December 22, 2008

Emerging shark conservation efforts
December 14, 2008

Task Force Hopes to Save Forage Fish
December 04, 2008

Dr. Ellen Pikitch Interviewed About Ecotourism on
November 17, 2008

The Protein Period
November 10, 2008

One-third of world fish catch used for animal feed
October 29, 2008

Scientists: Virginia shark's pup a 'virgin birth'
October 10, 2008

Shark Virgin Birth Confirmed
October 10, 2008

Ocean Crisis Discussed At Stony Brook
October 10, 2008

Second virgin birth in sharks is jaws dropper
October 09, 2008

Don’t Worry About the Teeth, Sharks Still Need a Hug
September 14, 2008

Score two for Stony Brook
Capital improvements and Institute for Ocean Conservation Science on the way
September 02, 2008

Stony Brook Southampton Broadens Scope With Ocean Conservation Institute
August 24, 2008

Stony Brook launches marine science initiatives
August 23, 2008

Sturgeon Swimming Towards 'Extinction Vortex'
July 14, 2008

A New Twist in Penguins’ Already Uncertain Future
July 01, 2008

Deforestation Blamed for WV Flooding
June 25, 2008

Down Under, Fish Numbers Climb Up
June 23, 2008

Love The Shark
June 19, 2008

End of the Line Near for Prehistoric Survivor?
DEC uses high-tech tracking in bid to save the Hudson\'s dwindling Atlantic sturgeon
May 27, 2008

Overfishing of Krill Threatens Ocean Ecosystem
May 25, 2008

Tiny Krill Could Help Unlock Global Climate Change Secrets
May 09, 2008

The Fate of the Oceans
April 27, 2008

Stench Events
National Geographic's “Strange Days on Planet Earth”
April 23, 2008

Marc Vetri / Dr Elizabeth Babcock
April 18, 2008

Prawn Sandwich Destroys Philippines Fish Nurseries
April 10, 2008

Overfishing Impacts: Interview with Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila
March 04, 2008

Caviar from Beluga Sturgeon Added to Quotas
March 04, 2008

Dead Zones off Oregon and Washington Likely Tied to Global Warming, Study Says
February 20, 2008

Corals May Get Help Adapting to Warmer Waters
February 18, 2008

No Pristine Oceans Left, New Map Shows
February 14, 2008

Coral Reefs in Danger
February 12, 2008

Recognition for Tasmanian Scientist
A Tasmanian scientist hopes a research fellowship in the United States will help raise the profile of Antarctic marine studies.
February 09, 2008

UBC Professor Wins Award to Study Overfishing
February 05, 2008

UM Biologist Works to Help Reefs Survive Global Warming
February 05, 2008

Old Fish Face a New Threat: Hungry Sea Lions
January 15, 2008

Eden at the End of the World
New National Geographic Special Explores Spectacular Landscape
January 09, 2008

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